Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finished projects

Yay!! I've finished the gifts for Mom and Dad.

I'm sure they'll enjoy it even more than I do!



See how focused I am? When I'm attending my piano, violin, Chinese, and painting classes, it feels like I'm taking a class. It's only when I'm taking Clay Art Class on Saturdays that I feel like I'm just playing! Every week I can't wait for Saturday to come.

This is my finished project - a pencil holder. I'm going to put it on my desk so that I can look at it every day!


Sally & Diana:

Our bunny coat hangers are finished. Let's hurry home and show them to Mom and Dad! We're outta here. Bye.


Vicky & Kaitlyn:

This isn't a cooking class, it's a Clay Art Class, but we're making really yummy bread!

Ha ha! We made a basket of delicious French bread, croissants, toast, hot dogs, and many flavors of donuts. There are a couple of apples too. Oops, We forgot to make a bottle of milk. Well, next time...


Sally & Diana:

Yay! We finished another project - a thermometer. The stars on my thermometer glow in the dark. Simone said the clay we use to make the stars is called luminous clay. Whenever I turn off the lights to go to sleep I can see the shining stars on my thermometer. I asked Simone if I can make more glow-in-the-dark stuff and she said "Of course". Woohoo - that's great!

I won't tell you who I am... but I made a thermometer too!

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