Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's all take the introductory clay art class (rose arrangement)

We've never seen clay art like Simone's. It's really amazing! How is it possible to make such beautiful things out of clay? Today is the first time we've ever worked on clay handicrafts. We are happy and nervous at the same time. We don't know how our projects will turn out. We'll find out very soon.

First, we mix a color of clay that we like. Then we roll the clay into little balls. It's really fun! (But we have our doubts. Can we really make roses out of these little balls? Without using any tools?)

Everyone is really focused.

Using only our fingers, we really did turn the clay balls into petals, and then turned those into roses.

We were the first to finish - we're really happy!

Eventually, everyone else finished.

Each one of the rose boxes looks really beautiful.

Everyone is thinking: what will I put in such a pretty box? Something precious?

How did 3 hours fly by so fast? We really had a great time today.

Let's all take a group picture with Simone. Yay!

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