Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clay Basket

What a beautiful basket. Everything you can see on this basket - including the flowers, the lace-like trimming, and the basket itself - is made of clay. My student Indra made it.

Indra used to make a lot of miniature clay flowers. This is her first large project, and it amazed everyone. She chose the colors herself, and it shows her creativity. She really did a great job! I'm so proud of her. And she is proud of herself too.

Don't you agree this basket is gorgeous?

Kids Birthday Party

Since we opened the Clay Art Magic Studio, we've held several very successful kids birthday parties there.

Parents love the fact that having the party at the Studio allows kids to have a great time while they learn something, and the kids get to create a special memento that they will enjoy long after the event.

The kids spend about 2 hours making their birthday party mementos, followed by another hour where they eat cake and enjoy music, games, and fun.

Everyone feels that time passes by too quickly, because they are having such a great time - and that includes me! I enjoy these parties very much.

Ice cream is the most popular kids birthday party project.