Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Projects

All the kids say "Wow! That's so cool." about this project. This is a Boot Pencil Holder. It's shaped like Santa Claus' boot, with a penguin sitting at the toe. The kids had a lot of fun with this project.

These kids are working on a Christmas Wreath. The kids are really great, they completed this project in 3 hours! All the parents say "That's amazing!"

I told the kids when you finish this project you can hang it outside your front door. But they all refused, saying they didn't want the wreath to get dirty or damaged. They said they will hang it indoors instead.

One kid accidentally(?) made what he calls "Christmas Poo". He said it's a gift for his dad. He made the whole class burst into laughter. I was so surprised how the kids were so excited about this "special project" for about 10 minutes. They just kept looking at it and laughing.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bright Smiles

I love seeing the bright smiles of kids. It makes me very happy. It's what I look forward to most each day.

Teddy Bear Pencil Holder

The parents who see this project all say "Wow, it's just fantastic!" because it not only looks great, but is very useful too. Even though the kids who worked on this project are very small, their concentration and focus rivals that of adults. I wish I could have taken pictures of each child that shows not only how focused they are, but also how much fun they are having, but I didn't have enough time.

Looking at these finished projects, can you believe that they were made by such small kids? These kids are absolutely great! I am so very proud of them. What do you think?


Looking my students' projects, I can't help but smile. They work on the same theme, but they end up with very different finished products. Take the Halloween Welcome Door Sign for example, every pumpkin has a different facial expression, they are all so cute! Sometimes the kids' creativity surprises even me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Times At Clay Art Magic

In Simone's Clay Art Class, she transfers her magic touch to our hands, and we now have a pair of magical hands. We can now take soft, shapeless clay and turn it into all kinds of cool stuff.

Look at the octopus that we made.

And the green dinosaur baby.

And the perfumed fruit box.

Giraffe Couple

Alex, a cute 11-year old boy, has been my student for over 6 months. He is a very hardworking student who has never missed a class. I can feel how much he loves and enjoys clay art every time he takes my class.

I am always delighted and surprised by the way he uses colors in his projects. Take this lovable giraffe couple that he made - doesn't it look professionally made?

From his smile, can you feel how much pride and satisfaction he feels after completing this project?

Abundant Harvest

I named this project "Abundant Harvest". It is a large picture that is over 3 feet wide. This project requires a lot of very detailed work - even the frame is covered with clay art. It makes a great decoration for the home or office.

Different students use different colors to create this project, which produces different end results. Like these 2 examples, one student used warmer colors and another used cooler colors. The resulting products evoke totally different moods.

This is the most fun thing about clay art - the fact that everyone can put their own creative touch on a project and create something that is uniquely theirs and is unlike anything else in the world.

Super Cute Sushi Babies

From the moment I completed this project, all my students were crazy about it and wanted to learn to make it too.

Every student adds their own creative twist to the project. Some students add chopsticks, soy sauce, ginger, and other elements. They also give different facial expressions to their sushi babies. Some sushi babies seem to say "Eat Me! Eat Me!", while others are crying because they know they are about to be eaten. Some seem to be scared and are saying "Stay away!" Everyone has a lot of fun with this project.