Sunday, May 8, 2011

Clay Art Discovery Class At The Milpitas Library

I recently taught Clay Art Discovery Classes for Kids and Adults at the Milpitas Library. I am very grateful to the library for this opportunity to share Clay Art with many people. Thanks also to all who enthusiastically participated in the class. We had a great time together!

The project the Adults class worked on was a decorative rose covering for a bar of fragrant soap. When placed on a desk it serves as a decorative piece and also gives a pleasant fragrance.

At the start of the class, the participants were not sure if they could actually make something out of clay. But in the end they were all very surprised and happy with their result.

The project for the Kids class was an Easter Bunny Key Hanger. The kids really enjoyed the class and they were able to add their own creative twists to the project. The parents also had a great time and were very happy to see their kids having so much fun. They were very interested and amazed by their kids' work.

The classes filled up very quickly and many people were not able to take the classes because they were already full. To the folks who were not able to take a class, I'd like to say I'm very sorry, and I look forward to meeting you in a future class.

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